Opening Ceremony for a
Global Sporting Event

Back in 2022, Doré Metals was involved in an exciting project to supply metal for a large staging structure, which would be used in the opening ceremony of a global sporting event. Due to the meticulously planned nature of the event, we were working to tight time scales and needed to make sure we fit in with the client’s schedule.  

The Project 

Our client tasked us with supplying the aluminium components required to build a unique stage setup, creating a circular raised platform that would later be covered with a faux façade to make it look like a brick structure. 

Stability and strength were key concerns for the structure, which needed to support a range of performances and acts to celebrate the opening ceremony. 

Additionally, the unique shape of the staging meant that bespoke metal sections were required, to achieve the correct size frame in the stadium arena.  

Our Involvement 

We supplied the client with aluminium sections from our stock and were able to fulfil their order requirements with a short lead time. 

As well as supplying the metal to build the main stage structure, Doré Metals were able to cut the components to size in order to achieve the bespoke stage shape. 

The pieces were delivered to the stadium the day after the order was placed, directly from our site in Kent. This meant that the stage was ready to be assembled by the team at the stadium within 24 hours of the order being made. 

Use Doré Metals for Your Next Project 

At Doré Metals, we stock a vast range of aluminium, stainless steel, and brass pieces. We’ve spent many years sourcing them from the leading global producers, so we can make sure our clients benefit from the best of the best! 

We can cut metal to any length and aim to fulfil next-working-day delivery – even on made-to-measure orders. 

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