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At Doré Metals, we’ve been providing metal to a variety of transportation and aerospace projects for over 55 years.

We understand that obtaining the right materials, at the correct specifications, is vital to achieving an accurate build. That’s why we’ve been the trusted suppliers for numerous big-name transportation manufacturers, delivering dependable and tailored solutions through our extensive inventory of aluminium, stainless steel, and brass, coupled with our bespoke cutting service.

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Metals Supplied for
Transport and Aerospace

We’re aluminium stockholders with a vast range of aluminium metal available, including aluminium tubes, bars, and sheets. Besides aluminium, we also hold a large inventory of stainless steel and brass.

These metals are all used extensively across the transportation sector. 

Aluminium is lightweight and durable and is often used for aircraft parts where weight reduction is critical. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, frequently employed in engine components and exhaust systems. Brass is also corrosion-resistant and offers excellent electrical conductivity, making it a suitable material for electronic components in aerospace and transport industries. 

The exceptional strength and versatility of these metals make them essential for a wide range of applications in the transportation and aerospace sectors.

Our Services

As well as stocking a large metal inventory, we also offer a custom cutting service for bespoke projects as well as various finishing services. 

Metal Finishing Services

At Doré Metals we offer a range of pre- and post-fabrication finishing services for our metals. These include polishing, drilling, anodising and painting. 

Get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

Custom Cut Metal for Transport and Aerospace


Extrusion Cutting

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Bar Billeting


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Supplying Transport and Aerospace with Next Day Delivery

At Doré Metals, we’re dedicated to helping our customers achieve their objectives, regardless of the project. We provide next-working-day delivery across the UK and Ireland for most orders placed before 5pm, ensuring that companies can keep to their tight manufacturing schedules. 

With over three decades of experience in the metal supply and distribution industry, we possess a wealth of expertise in our field. Our high-quality metals are sourced from reputable global producers, enabling our customers to benefit from our dependable network.

Get in touch for a quote, to discuss any upcoming jobs, or for general enquiries. Our professional team are ready to help.