The Sky’s the Limit for Doré Metals
and Tottenham Hotspur

In 2020, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium opened its latest attraction to draw crowds to its London grounds. Not content with being the largest single-tier stadium in the UK, the home of the Spurs added another string to its tourist-attracting bow: The Dare Skywalk. 

Doré Metals played a hand in the construction phase of The Dare Skywalk, supplying aluminium sections to be used as part of the gravity-defying activity. 

What is The Dare Skywalk? 

Open to members of the public, The Dare Skywalk is a walkway that allows visitors to traverse the rooftop of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. It allows for a birds-eye view over the pitch, as well as a jaw-dropping vista of London.  

The experience encourages guests to walk up the side of the stadium, cross a walkway over a glass roof, and abseil down to the south podium. At its highest point, visitors will find themselves situated at 46.8 m (154 ft) above the pitch. 

The Skywalk forms part of The Tottenham Experience, a unique collection of activities offered at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which includes go-karting, stadium tours and legends tours. 

What Role Did Doré Metals Play? 

We were approached by the engineers in charge of constructing the rooftop walk and asked to provide a variety of aluminium sections to help build the structure. 

At Doré Metals, we’re well accustomed to working with clients on bespoke projects and were thrilled to have the opportunity to supply materials for such a unique enterprise.  

The Tottenham Experience had already gained international fame, so we knew our metal would be contributing towards another showstopping experience at the stadium’s grounds. 

Based on the specifications received from the design team, we were able to cut and supply aluminium for the build, offering a speedy turnaround to help facilitate the quick progression of the project. 

The Dare Skywalk has now been open for almost three years, and it continues to challenge and astound visitors on a daily basis. 

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